PhilFest 2011 & After-Party at Grille 54


PhilFest 2011 was a great adventure into Filipino food and culture. USF’s very own Association of Filipino Students (AFS) came out victorious winning 1st place in the annual Revolution dance competition. The theme this year was “tinikling” my favorite dance and the national dance of the Philippines. There was lots of food at PhilFest, but I only sampled a few thing, saving my appetite for the after-party at Grille 54.

We had some Taro boba. The flavor wasn’t amazing and it was a little expensive, but most things in PhilFest were pricey.

Here are some pictures of the food there:


Grille 54 hosted an after-party to PhilFest and charged only $5 for a sushi buffet with drink specials available. The service was pretty good for the size of our party and waiters were helpful and respectful if you had any concerns or needed to order something. The food was delicious. Both the sushi and pasta were great and the drinks were also great. My favorite was the Strawberry Mojito. It was great that they supported this local event and I look forward to visiting Grille 54 again in the future and trying their regular menu.

These boats were full of plenty of sushi that quickly disappeared.

Grille 54 on Urbanspoon

Restaurant Name: Grille 54

Cuisine: Italian, Japanese

Address: 11935 Sheldon Rd. Tampa, FL 33626

Phone Number: (813) 920-0054



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