National Coffee Day 2021

National Coffee Day is September 29th. It is probably one of my favorite food holidays of the year considering how much I have come to love coffee over the last few years. Here is a list of local coffee shops I wrote about in Tampa a few years ago. โ€œAs long as there was coffeeContinue reading “National Coffee Day 2021”

Happy National Coffee Day!

Coffee fans, unite! We now have our very own day to enjoy the rich variety of caffeinated beverages that are in the coffee world. Of course, all of us that love coffee enjoy it on nearly every dayโ€”we donโ€™t need a holiday, fortunately, to have a cup of joe. But when you do pour something, you might turn to aContinue reading “Happy National Coffee Day!”

Review: RoosRoast Coffee – Portland in the 90s and Lobster Butter Love

I worked out of cafes all day in the pre-pandemic era so I’ve been trying to adapt to being home more and still finding a way to explore different coffees. In a way getting coffee delivered is a big game changer since I am more inclined to buy coffee from around the nation than usual.Continue reading “Review: RoosRoast Coffee – Portland in the 90s and Lobster Butter Love”

NEWS: King State grand opening in Tampa Heights set for June 21st

Update: It looks like King State is no longer having a Grand Opening on Friday, but instead a Friends and Family night. View this post on Instagram A post shared by KING STATE (@k1ngst8) The highly anticipated King State will finally open their doors next week and have their Grand Opening on Friday, June 21stContinue reading “NEWS: King State grand opening in Tampa Heights set for June 21st”

National Coffee Day 2017 Tampa Bay: Deals & Freebies

National Coffee Day is this Friday, September 29th, 2017! Plenty of great coffee shops around Tampa Bay will be celebrating with deals and discounts. Forget Krispy Kreme and Dunkin Donuts – grab yourself some REAL coffee during this celebration. Here is a list of the deals I’ve been able to find: The Labย (North Hyde Park):Continue reading “National Coffee Day 2017 Tampa Bay: Deals & Freebies”

Guide: Top 8 Local Coffee Shops in Tampa

This list has been overdue. Tampa has a blossoming coffee scene, you would be hard pressed to find a local coffee shop 5-10 years ago. Recently local coffee shops have been showing up all over town. Here are my current top 8 coffee shops in Tampa. The factors used to rate the cafes are qualityContinue reading “Guide: Top 8 Local Coffee Shops in Tampa”