PhilFest 2011 & After-Party at Grille 54

—– PhilFest 2011 was a great adventure into Filipino food and culture. USF’s very own Association of Filipino Students (AFS) came out victorious winning 1st place in the annual Revolution dance competition. The theme this year was “tinikling” my favorite dance and the national dance of the Philippines. There was lots of food at PhilFest,Continue reading “PhilFest 2011 & After-Party at Grille 54”

PhilFest 2011 in Tampa Next Weekend April 8th-10th!

Next weekend is the annual PhilFest in Tampa. Replicating a typical Filipino fiesta, PhilFest showcases various facets of Filipino culture, art, music and food. The event will run from Friday to Sunday with food and entertainment throughout. Saturday will be the big day with lots of performers and the annual Philfest Revolution Dance Competition (USF’s veryContinue reading “PhilFest 2011 in Tampa Next Weekend April 8th-10th!”