Tampa Bay Bucs Champ Rob Gronkowski makes dish with Datz for Guy Fieri Restaurant Reboot Presented By LendingTree

Tampa Bay Buccaneers player and four-time Super Bowl Champion Rob Gronkowski partnered with celebrity chef and new Florida home-owner, Guy Fieri to bring awareness and help generate sales for Datz in Tampa tonight. 

Since the opening of Datz on January 28th, 2009, owners Roger and Suzanne Perry have sparked invention and reinvention in Tampa’s food scene. They have evolved Datz into the home of comfort food with a foodie flair. It’s a craft beer spot, a bourbon lover’s paradise, a food wonderland filled with bacon, cheese, and one-of-a-kind local dishes and is now located on both sides of Tampa Bay.  

Gronk joined the Guy’s Restaurant Reboot Presented by LendingTree stream live earlier and made a special “Gronkalo Chicken & Waffle” as a part of Off the Hook Celebrity Creations presented by Pepsi. 

He asked Datz owner Suzanne Perry about the story behind Datz and they both bonded over coming out of planned retirements to do something they love. They then discussed overcoming the challenges of the pandemic.

“We entered into what has without a doubt been the hardest year of the 12 years that we’ve had restaurants. So, the good news is we’ve come through, we’ve gotten help, and we’ve been able to get our staff back and we’re coming out of the dark.”, said Suzanne Perry.

“The restaurant businesses just took an absolute beating, so I want to give kudos to you for the adjustments you have made to keep this place open. I love what you guys do here.”, said Gronkowski.

He then joined Chef Richard Hudson to make his signature “Gronkalo Chicken & Waffle” dish covered in buffalo sauce. The dish be purchased both at Datz in South Tampa and on Grubhub via delivery.

The world’s biggest celebrities are streaming live from their hometowns as they partner with Pepsi to drive support for local restaurants as the pandemic winds down. Other celebrities participating include Shaquille O’Neal, Wale, Kane Brown, and Adriana Lima. 

Grubhub is serving as the exclusive food delivery partner of the event’s ‘Off the Hook Celebrity Creations Presented By Pepsi’ and will offer two separate promo codes surrounding the event.

Use the code OFFTHEHOOK for 20% off the Off the Hook Celebrity Creations in participating cities and GUYREBOOT for $5 off orders of $15 or more from June 12th to June 14th, 2021.

Rebuild Restaurants Grant program

Guy’s Restaurant Reboot will provide guidance and inspiration to the next generation of restaurant owners, as well as $300,000 in bottom-line financial support in grants and scholarships via the “Help Rebuild Restaurants Grant.”

Created in partnership between Guy Fieri and The National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation & California Restaurant Foundation, the grants and scholarships will be distributed to 11 winners live on the show, generously funded by the event’s founding partners: LendingTree, Pepsi, SpotOn, AT&T, Grubhub, Cascade, Dawn, Twisted Tea, Gardein, Birdseye, Duncan Hines, Thermomix®, and Thomasville. 

The winners of the grant will “embody the promising future of the restaurant industry and use the funds to help kickstart their dreams of owning a restaurant”. 


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