Carlos Eats Miami!

I will be vacationing in Miami starting this Sunday the 31st until next Friday the 5th. Despite living in Florida since 1998, I have never been to Miami and I am excited to try all the restaurants food spots out in Miami (looking forward to checking out their food truck scene!). I will be staying on Sunny Isles Beach. If you have any recommendations on where I should eat at, leave me a comment below :). I have already taken down a few places from a few friends, but would love to add some more things to my list. I’ll be updating soon from Miami and look for a ton of finished posts to be heading your way very soon as well!

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6 responses to “Carlos Eats Miami!”

  1. I used to go to Miami a few times a year while my friend was in grad school there. Queen of Sheba, in the Design District, had some great Ethiopian food. Front Porch Cafe in South Beach had very interesting “Green Eggs” made with pesto. There are a ton of places on Lincoln Road, but I prefer Tap Tap, a little Haitian restaurant on South Beach, but close to the bridge, not by the beach. Enjoy!

  2. I have no idea. Maybe it is just called Sheba. I didn’t know there was any such place here in Tampa…where’s it at?

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