Origami Sushi for Jason’s Birthday

I dined at Origami Sushi on Waters Avenue for my friends birthday a weeks back. The place has a great ambiance, it was so dark that we couldn’t read the menu correctly until they turned up the lights a little bit…plenty of couples were in the restaurant. The restaurant had plenty of space so our party could have its own area in the back. The hosts and waitresses were very attentive and helpful with whatever we needed to have a great birthday dinner. One thing I noticed was that there was a picture for every sushi roll on the menu so you knew what a roll such as their Halloween Roll would look like, not many restaurants will go that far and it was a great idea that I wish more restaurants would practice.

Follow the cut for my review 🙂

This is their Negimaki appetizer ($6.95), never seen it before at a sushi restaurant.

TNT Mussels ($5.95).

Just by looking at the fish in this roll you can tell they pay attention to the freshness in their fish. The pieces are pretty big as well.

This looked amazing! Sashimi Ceviche ($7.95). Nice presentation of the meal 🙂

They go pretty light on the sauces which allows you to taste their fish more. (thumbs up)

Origami does use lots of cucumber, which I feel detracts from the taste of sushi. Normally I’ll have them take it out of my roll.

The Halloween Roll. Great presentation and I love fish eggs (as did my friend who ordered this). Makes my stomach rumble for some masago!

Here they went a little sauce-happy, but it’s part of the roll and as you can see the roll are still large.

This roll both looked and tasted amazing.

My friends dessert looked great as well, but dessert portions were small for the price so we decided not to have any.

One thing I really liked about Origami Sushi was their attention to detail and the service was great as well. I would come back and when we were there we heard about their great lunch specials which are around $8.95 for 2 rolls and $11.95 for 3 rolls. Deal!  They also have a good amount of Japanese food on their menu that I really want to try in the future.

Happy Birthday Jason!

Origami Sushi on Urbanspoon

Restaurant Name: Origami Sushi

Cuisine: Japanese

Address: 6507 West Waters Ave. Tampa, FL 33634

Neighborhood: Town N Country

Phone Number: (813) 889-8898

Website: http://www.origamisushi.com/

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Tampa-FL/Origami-Sushi/6541566915


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