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  • 5 places to satisfy your sweet tooth in Orlando

    5 places to satisfy your sweet tooth in Orlando

    5 delicious places to enjoy dessert in the Orlando area.

  • Ice & Cream Creamery – delicious scoops in Dunedin

    Ice & Cream Creamery – delicious scoops in Dunedin

    Yesterday I visited an ice cream shop with my family in Dunedin that was truly phenomenal called Ice & Cream Creamery. They have a few locations on Clearwater Beach and Madeira Beach for those of you hitting the sand this summer. The shop is beautiful on the inside and feels like a blast to the […]


  • Snobachi Grand Opening NYE 2017

    Thai Rolled Ice Cream is taking Tampa by storm at the moment (just head over to IceSmile and try to wait in line for 2 hours) and newcomer Snobachi Handcrafted Ice Cream is leading the movement over into Ybor City at 2206 East 7th Avenue next to Shrimp and Co. This shop offers ice cream and frozen […]

  • Origami Sushi for Jason’s Birthday

    I dined at Origami Sushi on Waters Avenue for my friends birthday a weeks back. The place has a great ambiance, it was so dark that we couldn’t read the menu correctly until they turned up the lights a little bit…plenty of couples were in the restaurant. The restaurant had plenty of space so our […]

  • Gino’s Revisited

    As I said before, my friends said we would return and a few weeks back we finally did return to Gino’s Restaurant & Bar. This time I came ready with my camera. The restaurant wasn’t as busy earlier in the day and we had the same server as last time, with great service still present. […]