4 New Restaurants To Check Out In Tampa

Looking for new restaurants to try in Tampa? It seems like new restaurants are opening all the time nowadays. Here are some ideas.

Timpano Hyde Park: This long-running Hyde Park Village restaurant closed down during the pandemic, but has recently reopened its doors to the public. The excitement for the neighborhood is palpable and the place has become more “instagrammable” akin to places such as Mandarin Heights. The outside patio is a plus in this cooler Florida weather. 1610 W Swann Ave, Tampa, FL 33606. (813) 254-5870


BellaBrava Tampa: The downtown St. Pete staple BellaBrava has crossed the bay over to Midtown Tampa. It’s a smart and strategic move considering how Tampa is realigning towards West Tampa with dozens of new businesses on the way. Tampa does have a number of quality and well-established Italian restaurants not too far away including Donatello’s, Bella’s, and more. The restaurant claims to be old world mixed with new world flair serving flatbreads, pizzas, and Tuscan flavors. 1015 Gramercy Ln, Tampa, FL 33607. (813) 524-5226.

Oronzo: Yet another Italian spot at Midtown Tampa, this time from the creators of Bavaro’s, Dan Bavaro. The restaurant is a partnership with Front Burner Brands of the Melting Pot and Burger 21. You’ll find pasta, Roman-style flatbreads, salads, bowls, and more. Dough and pasta are made fresh daily. 1120 Gramercy Ln D-200, Tampa, FL 33607. (813) 480-9663.

Babushka’s Hyde Park: This popular European restaurant in Temple Terrace is trekking over soon to South Tampa. I personally liked their pierogies on my last visit. Their original location was quite small, so this is a welcome upgrade and will have plenty of things to look forward to including infused vodka, brunch specials, and a caviar bar. Other items include beef stroganoff, Chicken Kiev, braised cabbage, and more. 901 West Platt Street Tampa, Florida.


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