Willa’s Provisions cafe now open in Tampa’s North Hyde Park and serving breakfast and an expansive all day menu

Willa’s has now opened Willa’s Provisions in the same building as the new French-inspired American restaurant in Tampa’s North Hyde Park at 310 North Rome Avenue. Hours of operation upon opening are 8AM to 5PM from Wednesday through Sunday with plans to be open daily in the future.

Right now they have breakfast tacos and bagels from 8AM to 11AM as well as baked goods such as brownies, chocolate chip cookies, carrot cake loaf, and almond butter toast. Bowls and sandwiches are also on the menu.

The new all day cafe will sell King State Coffee, which owns their own cafe and microbrewery in Tampa Heights. They will sell the coffee brand’s “Yuh” blend for espresso, cold brew and drip. The beverage program will also include organic tea from HOUSE of WARIS Botanicals and matcha from Matchaful. 

“We met Nate and Merrin what feels like years ago – Nate gave us a tour of an old building with a lot of character and an even bigger vision. It felt a lot like King State when we started,” says King State founder Tim McTague.

 “Nate from the get-go seemed to understand quality, experience and most importantly customer service, so when they asked us to partner with them at Willa’s Provisions, it was a no-brainer. Provisions turned out even better than we thought it could have, and to have a mini-King State in a neighborhood that we don’t serve is awesome – especially one that’s run by a rad team that cares about our coffee as much as we do.”

The all day menu includes assorted soups and salads, sandwiches, soft serve ice cream, wraps, fresh juices, and more.

“We wanted to create a coffee shop where when you visit – no matter the reason or the time of day – you can experience something unique and special, whether that be enjoying a cappuccino and a freshly baked glazed cruller or learning about natural wine for the first time. Coming to Willa’s Provisions should be a highlight of your day, where there’s always something new to taste and discover,” says Willa’s Provisions co-founder Merrin Jenkins.

Willa’s Provisions is implementing safety measures in light of COVID-19, including wellness checks for all employees before every shift, air filtration, surface disinfecting, mandatory masks for all staff and guests unless seated and more. 

Willa’s and Willa’s Provisions are housed in a 4,700-square-foot industrial building initially constructed nearly a century ago. It is only a few blocks from South Tampa and borders Downtown Tampa and Tampa Heights. 

Willa’s Provisions will also serve as the private dining and event space for the adjoined restaurant, with plans to host pop-ups in the future.

The restaurant has parking available on-site and reserved spots for curbside pickup if you need to pick an order and go. You can visit them online at willasprovisions.com.

Photo Credit: Jett Butler for FÖDA, Veronica Judd 

Here is the current menu:


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