Boba controversy at The New York Times

The New York Times created a controversy recently when they created a feature about bubble tea.

The paper tried to claim that boba was something new which was a little strange because the paper featured the drink back in 2002 on rising food trends and also did an article about it in 2001.

It was lazy writing and completely ignored the fact that bubble tea has existed for decades. The response on Twitter and around the food sphere was swift.

It is not the first controversy the paper has recently created with food. Food critic, Pete Wells, slammed a California mini-chain called Locol in January that aims to help solve the food insecurity of those in poverty.

Restaurant industry leaders and writers were quick to condemn Wells for critiquing a chain from his elite position as the food critic of The New York Times. It would appear that the paper is having an issue lately relating to the general public and may have a diversity problem driving these tone-deaf articles.

At least they did the right thing and went to Boba Guys!

The paper has issued an apology:


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