NEW: H20℃ Boba Shop & Thai-Rolled Ice Cream opens near USF

USF has no shortage of dessert shops and cafes. There has to be over 10 cafes and shops near the USF campus. Last year Ice Smile was one of the shops in Tampa to popularize Thai-Rolled Ice Cream and people went nuts for it. We’re talking over an hour wait for Thai-Rolled Ice Cream. NowContinue reading “NEW: H20℃ Boba Shop & Thai-Rolled Ice Cream opens near USF”

Boba controversy at The New York Times

The New York Times created a controversy recently when they created a feature about bubble tea. The paper tried to claim that boba was something new which was a little strange because the paper featured the drink back in 2002 on rising food trends and also did an article about it in 2001. It wasContinue reading “Boba controversy at The New York Times”

Boba Guys: Best Bubble Tea Business in the USA

Boba Guys is the best bubble tea shop in the USA and a leader in their industry. It is much more than just a nice Instagram or Snapchat post. There are lots of factors that contribute to this opinion and they have been shaped over numerous visits over the last year. Consistency One of theContinue reading “Boba Guys: Best Bubble Tea Business in the USA”