I was looking around at foodie websites on delicious the other day and came across Foodspotting. It’s a website where you can e-mail or upload pictures of food you eat or just see and then people can vote on the food depending on if they want the food, or have eating the food before (nom). There is a leaderboard for who updates the most and there is a point system. Similar to Foursquare there are badges you can earn and like Gowalla there are certain trips you can go on of places to go to called guides. It looks like a pretty neat service so I will be playing around with it here and there. It’s even in Japan. Thought I’d give the heads up in case someone is interested in joining up.

My Foodspotting Page
You can visit my page at

They also have an iPhone app.


2 responses to “Foodspotting”

  1. Hello,

    We received a request from Urbanspoon user “Carlos Hernandez” (1113150030@facebook.user) claiming that they are the author of Carlos Eats. It sounds like you, but I’m writing to verify that this is the case and that you want to allow Carlos Hernandez to manage your blog on Urbanspoon.

    You can visit the Urbanspoon page for Carlos Eats here:

    Please reply to greg[at]urbanspoon[dot]com and let me know whether or not we should approve this claim.


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