Japanese cuisine has to be one of my favorite cuisines. I’ve been eating it since I was a little kid, but there are many Japanese dishes that I have yet to try. Most of my exposure has been to sushi and that will be the majority of what I will be reviewing, though I will attempt to branch out and try many types of authentic Japanese restaurants as well. 食べましょう!

Tampa Bay Restaurants

I Ai Sushi

Jackson’s Bistro

Origami Sushi

Samurai Blue

SoHo Sushi North

Sushi Ninja

Tokyo Sushi

Yamato Japanese Steakhouse

Gainesville Restaurants

Ichiban Sushi

Orlando Restaurants


Izziban Sushi



Hiro’s Tokyo Steakhouse

Joy of Tokyo

Oishi Ultimate Japanese Cuisine

The Rack (Brandon)

The Rack (Hyde Park)

S Bar

Samurai Sushi

Sushi Tsu

Tomo Japanese Sushi Bar


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  1. did you try sushi alive on n dale mabry? or is this just a list of 10? lol i think oragami is better than sushi alive though

    • I actually haven’t been to Sushi Alive yet (though I want to try it). This is just a list of what I’ve covered on my blog…I’ve been to well over 30 or maybe 40 sushi places in Tampa Bay.

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