Celebrate Cinco de Mayo with Perla’s Pizza and their Birria Pizza special

The birria craze has taken the nation by storm and Florida is no different. Perla’s Pizza in Orlando is offering a Birria Special pizza special on Cinco de Mayo. What could be better than pizza and Mexican food especially before grabbing margaritas?

The Birria Pizza features 36 hour braised beef, guajillo pasilla paste base, and a cilantro crema topping. The dipping sauce is made with braised beef and it is all made fresh, in-house. They put mozzarella and cotija cheese on top with cilantro and radishes. The chefs at Perla’s Pizza have a background doing culinary development for Mexican spots in the past.

Birria is originally from Jalisco in Mexico. It has been modified along the way and as the craze has taken hold different restaurants have put their own interpretations on it. Now there are entire concepts across the United States that are focusing specifically on birria. The craze really came out of social media channels such as Instagram and TikTok. The dish originally utilizes lamb or goat meat, but is now being used with all kinds of different meats. 

Perla’s is a new concept from Tagligh Collective with Chef Michael Collantes at helm. Chef Collantes has over fifteen years of industry experience in a variety of different restaurant groups and styles. He also works with Soseki, a 10-person omakase experience in Orlando. Perla’s Pizza is open Sunday through Thursday from 11:30 AM to 10:00 PM and Friday to Saturday from 11:30AM to midnight. It is located at 601 Virginia Drive Orlando, Florida.


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