NFT auction planned to benefit Colon Cancer Foundation at this weekend’s Oscars®

This year’s Nominees will have a chance to own a digital piece of art and give back in honor of Chadwick Boseman. Nomine(eth) has partnered with some of Crypto’s biggest and most successful artists in dropping an NFT for this weekend’s Oscars®.

Nomine(eth), a partnership between AdVenture Media, Metaversal, Taillard Capital and Rarible, is dropping an NFT into Everyone Win’s Nominee  gift bag. Nomine(eth) has partnered with crypto’s biggest and most successful artists, who’ve sold millions of dollars worth of crypto art collectively, to honor Hollywood’s best for their ability to inspire others in showing what is possible.

Participants include:

  • Celebrity Chef, Rocco DiSpirito – creating a digital one of a kind NFT recipe
  • Jack Butcher – famed NFT artist
  • Osinachi – Africa’s foremost cryptoartist
  • Lirona-  Rarible’s #2 selling artist in the past 30 days, having sold over $400k worth of NFT
  • Daniel Popper – multidisciplinary artist known globally for his larger-than-life sculptures, and spectacular public art installations.

The auction will open on Rarible at 11AM PST on Friday, April 23rd, 2021. The drop includes a special tribute piece in honor of Chadwick Boseman. Proceeds from the Chadwick Boseman tribute piece will be donated to the Colon Cancer Foundation, helping to raise Colon Cancer awareness, screening, and testing in underserved communities.

Visit it here:

Each nominee has been given an NFT from three different artists in their “Everyone Wins” gift bag and all the nominees names are signed into the description of the NFT when minting. Permanently documenting their achievement in the 93rd Academy Awards®. 

Find more information at

I had an opportunity to talk to Celebrity Chef Roco DiSpirito who is selling NFT recipes during the fundraiser to support the Colon Cancer Foundation. The entire space is new, but food in the NFT space was particularly interesting to me.  

Rocco DiSpirito: “I consider myself an early adopter of much of technology…this is a really cool way to own digital product, right? It’s digital art. It’s a digital recipe. It’s a digital token that gets your admittance. It’s just another way to create some sort of digital currency that allows you to buy and share and trade things without using actual traditional currency.”

I think it’s really interesting because when you think about cookbooks, everyone wants to buy cookbooks, but then the cookbook – you lose it, or you have to carry them.

RD: “For sure I love having my cookbooks on my phone. I use them most often for recipes, everytime I use recipes I always go to my phone first. If I need a bigger recipe I go to my laptop. It’s very rare that I’ll pull a cookbook off the shelf.”

RD: “I always wanted to cross the bridge from cooking to where cooking becomes art. I’ve been thinking about this for a long time. I think this seismic shift in the restaurant and society and digital art is going to enable chefs to do that because we can now pair our work with visual artists, audio artists, and other kinds of artists to create a one of a kind experience.”

RD: “There are chefs who take craft out of their personal point of view, what they believe is art. I think many of us are trying to create something that feels artful. Certainly, when you’re sitting in a restaurant and you order something, the first thing you react to is visual is the visual stimulus, right? That’s the first thing and then the flavors and textures.” 

I think that also because of the pandemic, everyone is more open-minded now to digital in general.

RD: “Isn’t it amazing how much more open-minded everyone is in general about everything? It’s really a different world and I think for the better. The restaurant industry has changed dramatically and I don’t know that it will go back to how it was and I think that’s a good thing.”

So this is an event that you guys are doing to honor Chadwick Boseman at the Oscars. Right? 

RD: “A bunch of us are going to donate the proceeds of our auction on to the Colon Cancer Foundation. I’ve been a fan of the Colon Cancer Foundation’s for a long time. Ever since Katie Couric started talking about it 20 years ago on The Today Show. Colon Cancer is still a big issue, awareness needs to be created. In addition to honoring him as a great actor, it’ll bring awareness to the dangers of going too long unchecked.”

RD: “I have two NFTs, one is an open-edition to give to all the nominees across all 5 categories. It features a never published spaghetti carbonara, it’s my favorite recipe and favorite dish in the world. I have a few tricks that I’ve never revealed. And a custom recipe for the Best Director winner and one auction winner.” 

How did you end up connecting with all these people and how did you end up in the NFT space?

RD: “It’s funny, I’ve been hearing about it for a few months. It’s a very hot topic. I’ve been focused on technology..because of the pandemic has forced us all like you said. I’ve been working on another project…and then  Nomine(eth) approached me and my partner Robert Chang, I heard of them before. 

RD: “I heard about it through Gary Vee was the first person I heard talking about it, it was one of his posts. I happened to run into him at a restaurant about a month later…I wasn’t sure if I could produce an NFT and he told me what he was doing. It was super exciting. He was very encouraging everyone to find what they can do to make themselves happy and also produce something for society. I thought why not, let’s do it.”

RD: “We’re using cryptography – it’s super cool. We’re bringing together several disciplines. I’m pretty sure that we’re not more than a couple of years away from what they’re calling a multiverse.”

RD: “This might encourage chefs to reveal all of their secrets, all of their gifts. Be able to create something special, limited edition. I own NFTs and I understand how the technology created limited edition and its uniquely yours. Maybe the NFT cookbook will be coming out soon, I don’t know.”

Do you think that once some of these recipes are sold that maybe they could influence the whole food space? I think that could be interesting.

RD: “There is no question that chefs are talking about NFTs and how to make them for themselves and what it should be. I think the recipes may or may not end up being a microtrend. What I really hope is that the person who gets the NFT really enjoys it. This is really about the person who gets it.”

RD: “I’m working on another NFT that is going to have original music that accompanies my dictation of the recipe. It’ll be created especially for the recipe. You could use the NFT while you’re cooking in an enjoyable way.” 

RD: “You know it’s not as confusing as it sounds. It’s really just a way to trade a unique item that you produced, and you can go on a platform like Rarible and make it in the same day and put it out there for the world to see it. Imagine all the barriers to producing art are eliminated. You don’t need a gallery, you don’t need an agent. None of those things exist anymore. That’s a quantum leap.”


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