Lunchpool startup seeks next stage of growth

Lunchpool launched their corporate pilot partnership with KnowBe4, a quickly growing billion-dollar cybersecurity firm located in Clearwater last month.


Employees at the event discussed how connecting with lunchpool has helped them to get closer and understand their colleagues at work better.

This has led to KnowBe4 investing and adding new options for employees to create a more collaborative work culture and a new breakroom where employees can enjoy lunch together, destress with video games, or relax during breaks.

One of the most interesting parts of the launch event was employees saying they are using lunchpool for much more than just having lunch and inviting fellow coworkers to exercise together, grab happy hour drinks together, and more.

Clearly lunchpool is doing far more than helping people to grab lunch. The developers of the app have adapted to this interest by providing different options for activities in the app.

Lunchpool’s premise of using interests to connect people seeks to “bring back the lunch break” and connect people in organizations in ways like never before.

Lunchpool Founder and CEO, Alexander Abell, is now working towards his next corporate pilot and looking for “innovators in people-focused high growth tech companies in Tampa Bay” to join a corporate paid pilot.

The potential uses of lunchpool go far beyond company culture though and the ability to connect people is something that is universally needed, leading lunchpool to explore other growth avenues as well such as the healthcare field. Growth will be based in Tampa Bay for now.


150 people move to Tampa every day in the pursuit of cheaper housing, jobs, and warm weather. One of the main difficulties millennials seem to be experiencing is fitting into new jobs and companies. Many of these people are being hired by companies in Tampa Bay.

Low unemployment rates have made finding and retaining talent competitive for companies and organizations. Replacing an employee can cost companies between 50%-60% of that employees salary on average with costs mounting even higher.

Lunchpool may be just the solution that companies need both in this time of tight labor and in the future as the labor market shifts to its next stage. The next corporate pilots will be pivotal in the growth of lunchpool as a startup.



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