4th Annual Kissimmee Cuban Sandwich Fest Recap

The 4th Annual Kissimmee Cuban Sandwich Festival came and passed this weekend at Kissimmee Lakefront Park. The Carlos Eats Team headed out on-location to cover the event and, of course, enjoy some Cuban Sandwiches.

Hundreds, if not thousands, of people showed up to the event – there is certainly a large following in Kissimmee and Orlando area for Cubans. Competitors at the event were dueling for who makes the best traditional and non-traditional Cuban Sandwich as well as people’s choice award.

Here is a recap of the event:

The judges were made up from a variety of locals in Orlando and food specialists who judged the sandwiches based on different metrics. The traditional Cuban Sandwich is from Tampa and participants needed to keep their ingredients the same, but can take different approaches in how they execute the ingredients.

The organizers made one of the world’s largest Cuban Sandwiches and donated the sandwiches to the homeless. They do this at every festival and it is a spectacle to see as all the La Segunda Bread is lined up and arranged by volunteers and participants.

La Segunda Bakery is a Tampa and Ybor City institution that goes back over 100 years – back when Tampa first began serving the Cuban Sandwich that is now popular worldwide.

The most interesting non-traditional Cuban I was shot by Devouring Jax and was a re-imagined Smoked Cuban Taco…this photo had me turning in my seat ready to book a flight to Florida. Good thing they’ll be back at the International Cuban Sandwich Fest later this month.

Many people are actually unaware that there is more than just Cuban Sandwiches at the event and eat before going there which I do not recommend. You’ll find a variety of Cuban and Puerto Rican cuisine around the event.

If you missed the fun or arrived too late to the event, that’s okay because there is still the International Cuban Sandwich Festival coming on Saturday, March 30th, 2019 in Ybor City at Centennial Park. Competitors from around the world will arrive in Tampa Bay to compete for the World Food Championships there.


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