Carlos Eats Korea: Headed to Jeollanam for the 18th Namdo Food Festival & Boseong Tea Farm

The Yonsei University Mentors Club is taking 30 exchange students on a trip to Jeollanam-do today. During our trip we will attend the 18th Namdo Food Festival, known to have food from over 22 cities in Jeollanam-do. I am quite excited to visit this food festival and experience an area outside of Seoul. After we visit the festival, we will head to Boseong Tea Farm (which grows over 70% of South Korea’s green tea). It should make for some great photos and I hope we have a chance to try the green tea products sold there. I will return to Boseong during my Korean food tour at the end of the month so expect lots of coverage on this location (first brought to my attention while watching the Korean drama Summer Scent).

Food! I’m there 🙂

The Boseong Tea fields

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