A new Peruvian American microbrewery is now open in Sarasota from the Santa Maria family

Peruvian American craft beer awaits with Almazonica Cerveceria. Almazonica means Amazonian soul. A combination of the best of Peruvian culture with the culture here in the United States. There’s a small Peruvian Amazonian family-owned and operated cerveceria and restaurant that has been open since 2017 and run by the Santa Maria family. Almazonica started with that idea and there is nothing more American than that. 

The owners of the microbrewery wanted to add their Peruvian roots and be part of that movement and contribute their palate, ingredients, tradition, and enrich the pool of potentially delicious local craft beer that people can have. They believe that people respond to authenticity, passion, and things that move them.

The goal of the microbrewery is to go beyond making delicious craft beers. They want to bring art and culture that enriches the local scene. It has been a three-year labor of love. 

“We had a lot of help from friends along the way,” Santa Maria says. “From the floors and building our control system brewhouse. We really appreciate everyone who’s contributed to our vision.”

The mission of the brand is to celebrate the vibrancy, breadth and depth of Peruvian and Floridian culture through great products and customer experience as a fully U.S. first Peruvian-Inspired small batch cerveceria and restaurant. A neighborhood hangout, where people from lots of backgrounds spend time together over a brew and food.

All beers are prepared in small batches on their “Hecho A Mano” brewing system. Almazonica Cerveceria will have 6 of their own beers on tap. They say they realize that their wares will not be for everyone, but also recognize that you don’t have to like something to appreciate where it comes from and what it stands for.

Chef Darwin Santa Maria and Brewer J. Mendez are drawing on their culinary training to forge this connection between the kitchen and their small batch cerveceria, building recipes for their beers in the same manner a chef would for a dish. Their beers are created with simplicity and balance in mind, and can be enjoyed both on their own or paired with food. Darwin has a long history in the Sarasota area with both Peruvian food and craft beer.

“Beer is our food. Our craft beer was born with a legacy to accompany food to its glory.”, Chef Santa Maria says.

Almazonica Cerveceria believes in supporting the community that supports our business. In an effort to support our local community we will always offer a charity brew on tap at all times. It is located at 4141 South Tamiami Trail Suite#16, Sarasota, FL 34231 with Darwin Peruvian Eatery. 

Photo Credit: Almazonica Cerveceria


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