Instagram user @realtampa gives a look at Tampa’s past

Tampa has grown considerably in the last 20 years. An instagram account @realtampa has been documenting the history of Tampa in a number of meme-like posts that only people who have lived in Tampa in the past could understand.

Here are some quality posts on their feed:

Hands down one of my favorite places to snag a Cuban in Tampa.

RIP to the Tampa Mutiny. Tampa’s failed MLS team.

This Jerk Hut location doubled as a nightclub for USF students on weekdays. Eventually it closed down and relocated north near I-275.

Mr. Dunderbak’s started out in the University Square Mall and now they have own location and are brewing their own craft beer while also being one of the best places to celebrate Oktoberfest and the World Cup.

RIP to this SEGA legend. Now replaced by GameTime.

Burdine’s was the store to be at before it was acquired by Macy’s and eventually shut down and absorbed.

University Mall was one of the best malls in Tampa until Westshore and International Plaza were created and eventually lured department stores and retailers away from the University area.

I ended up here after my CL BOTB award for Best Food Blogger in 2013. Spent many times here over the years. RIP.

Channelside Plaza now known as Sparkman Wharf.


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