Latin Grill opens new location on SR-60 in Brandon with lounge, DJs, outside bar, and more.

The Latin Grill has opened a new location on State Road 60 or Adamo Drive right between U.S. Highway 301 and Faulkenburg. The new location is much bigger than their other business which is off Bloomingdale Avenue and has a full dance floor, DJ booth, and bar both inside and outside. It is currently in soft opening while they train bartenders, servers, and cooks for a future grand opening event.

Dinner is going to run you around $10-20, while breakfasts are also available. I did not see lunch specials on the menu during my visit, but that may be added in the future.

The menu is largely the same as their other spot, with a bigger focus on big meals, dinner, and a big cocktail list.

You’ll find mojitos with sugar canes inside, pina coladas, micheladas, and more. Most of the beers are Latin beers from Peru and Mexico with a few domestic beers at around $3 to $5. Hopefully they will add more local craft beer options in the future, something like Veza Sur from Miami or Cigar City would be appropriate for this kind of bar. 

The Pina Colada was tasty, but very sugary and more of a dessert beverage than the kind you might order at your usual hotel bar. They even top it off with whipped cream and some kind of syrup. 

Latin Grill starts the meal off with their Cuban bread that is also served at their old location, which comes buttered with guava and a spicy sauce that has always been a signature of their restaurant concept and is so delicious. It tasted exactly as I remember. Delicious.

My family has dined at Latin Grill since it was the Latin Cafe 2000 back in 2005 when my parents first moved to Brandon and bought their first home. The business has steadily grown over the years and they will be keeping the other sister location off Bloomingdale operating.

Lechon Asado

As far as food goes, there are various pork, chicken, and seafood choices. I ordered a Lechon Asado which is pork slow-cooked with moros (black rice) and tostones. The dish was excellent, perfectly moist pork and not greasy. The rice was also superb. The tostones were a little undersalted, but they did bring over some salt packets to rectify it. I could easily have taken this home and enjoyed a second meal at home or some tacos with it, but I couldn’t help finishing it all.

Chicken Milanesa

My Step-Dad ordered their Chicken Milanesa which is breaded chicken covered in cheese, it was huge and looked delicious. My Mom ordered a shrimp dish with rice, it was presented nicely, although the portion could be a little bigger. 


I also ordered a michelada which came out delicious. They are so easy to drink for me and a bit dangerous. The vibe at the new Latin Grill feels like a day in Miami during the day with televisions playing sports games and various programs in the day and cushiony lounge areas around the restaurant that could be used later by groups looking to party. There is a neon light wall that will no doubt become an Instagram favorite. 

Around 9 p.m. the vibe switched and they started playing music louder, running light fixtures, and it felt like a nightclub or ultra lounge. People started dancing, but it’s still in soft opening so it wasn’t packed just yet. We noticed there were hookah options outside for those who are into that. The outside patio has plenty of space for future use as well though it isn’t being utilized at this time. 

I was impressed with how friendly the bartenders and servers were, even if they were still in training. Customer service is very important in this area as Brandon is not the easiest crowd to please, but if they do it right and train their staff well, I see no reason why this new location won’t be one of the hottest spots in town.

9331 E Adamo Dr Tampa, FL 33519. (813) 654-8000


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