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  • Nueva Cantina serves delicious Mexican eats in St. Pete

    Nueva Cantina serves delicious Mexican eats in St. Pete

    Full disclosure: I was invited for a tasting to Nueva Cantina. Opinions expressed are my own and do not represent the restaurant. Nueva Cantina is a relaxed, affordable neighborhood spot that also serves delicious contemporary Mexican cuisine. Tortillas are hand-pressed, the guacamole is made to order, and it shows in the quality of the food. […]


  • Lack of seasoning at Cilantro SF Taqueria

    Have you ever felt a powerful craving for a burrito taking you over? That was me a few weeks ago. I didn’t know when and I didn’t know how, but I knew I needed to eat a burrito. Just the thought of a burrito in front of me was bringing a goofy smile to my […]

  • Valentine’s Day 2017 @ Vuelo Mexican Grill

    Valentine’s Day 2017 @ Vuelo Mexican Grill

    Looking for an affordable and tasty Mexican meal for this V-Day? Celebrate Valentine’s Day 2017 at Vuelo Mexican Grill located at 17641 Bruce B. Downs Boulevard. The restaurant will offer 3 courses for 2 people for $20. Here is the menu: Appetizer (shared) Select from Queso Fundido or Nachos Vuelo 2 Entrees Select from Enchiladas, Vuelo […]

  • La Malinche Mexican Restaurant

    During my visit to St. Armand’s Circle this past weekend, my parents and I were surprised to spot a new Mexican restaurant in the area.  Interested, we decided to give it a shot a few hours after visiting Tommy Bahama. The outside of the restaurant only says Mexican restaurant, we learned the name of the […]