Dining Guide: Valentine’s Day 2019 in Tampa

Looking for a special place to spend Valentine’s Day 2019 in Tampa? I have you covered. Here are some options for ways to spend a meal or some time with someone special. Make sure you make your reservations early as Valentine’s Day is one of the busiest days in the restaurant industry. Rooster & TheContinue reading “Dining Guide: Valentine’s Day 2019 in Tampa”

Valentine’s Day 2017 @ Vuelo Mexican Grill

Looking for an affordable and tasty Mexican meal for this V-Day? Celebrate Valentine’s Day 2017 at Vuelo Mexican Grill located at 17641 Bruce B. Downs Boulevard. The restaurant will offer 3 courses for 2 people for $20. Here is the menu: Appetizer (shared) Select from Queso Fundido or Nachos Vuelo 2 Entrees Select from Enchiladas, VueloContinue reading “Valentine’s Day 2017 @ Vuelo Mexican Grill”