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  • How-To: Tips On How Get The COVID-19 Vaccine in Florida

    How-To: Tips On How Get The COVID-19 Vaccine in Florida

    This article was originally published to News Break – follow me there. Note: This information is regularly updated and may be subject to change. The COVID-19 vaccine is being expanded to include more people nearly everyday. President Joe Biden recently said that the United States is on track to have enough COVID-19 vaccines for all […]

  • Recipe: Mom’s Stovetop Barbeque Chicken

    My Mom and I randomly decided to make a video of her recipe to her signature stovetop barbeque chicken. I thought I’d share it on here with you guys. It’s delicious so I hope you get a chance to make it yourself. There aren’t exact measurements for the ingredients because my Mom tends to alter […]

  • How To: Research Restaurants Before You Dine

    Many people search Google for restaurant reviews and are not sure about where they should be looking for reviews or the reputation of where they are looking. Big cities have a number of resources for residents, but coming from a smaller place like Tampa we only have a few guaranteed spots to research restaurants before […]