Twitter enraged by McDonald’s Szechuan Sauce disaster

McDonald’s enraged Twitter users in yet another PR failure¬†yesterday when they failed to provide enough Szechuan Sauce after touting a special day for Rick and Morty fans to try the rare sauce. Fans screamed at McDonald’s and threatened legal action. The police were even called to control the riots and lines. In case you didn’t […]

The Founder – How Greed Created McDonald’s Empire

I saw The Founder on Netflix yesterday. I was told about about it by some friends and encouraged to give it a look. I have heard the story of McDonald’s in the past, but watching it in a film was something else. Ray Kroc was a man filled with ambition and nothing would stop him […]

The internet wants McDonald’s Hi-C back and Fanta gone

The decision by McDonald’s to replace Hi-C Orange soda with Fanta per a deal with Coca-Cola (originally reported back in April) has not gone well. Reddit predicted the mess McDonald’s is now to trying to advertise their way out of this with no fanfare. good morning to everyone except the one who decided to take […]