Hurricane Irma: AJ’s Press GoFundMe for Employees

During Hurricane Irma, local Tampa sandwich shop AJ’s Press was damaged by the storm. The damage will take at least 2 weeks to fix which will impact the employees who work there. In response, AJ’s Press has setup a GoFundMe for their employees and to help cover damages that will not be covered from theContinue reading “Hurricane Irma: AJ’s Press GoFundMe for Employees”

Nightmare: Crowne Plaza Charleston Airport Conv. Ctr. Hotel

During Hurricane Irma my family and I voluntarily evacuated from Florida when we saw that Irma could arrive as a Category 3 or 4 hurricane in our hometown and be devastating. We decided to head to South Carolina, thinking it would be far away enough from the storm since Irma was turning northwest and wasContinue reading “Nightmare: Crowne Plaza Charleston Airport Conv. Ctr. Hotel”

Hurricane Irma Autopsy

Hopefully you survived Hurricane Irma and are here to read this. Last week was absolutely one of the craziest weeks I have ever lived through. Bread aisle -Target, 1544 N. Dale Mabry #Tampa. Same across Bay Area. No bread/water. Another shipment expected here Thurs. #HurricaneIrma — Sarah Rosario (@sarahbrosario) September 6, 2017 UPDATE: IrmaContinue reading “Hurricane Irma Autopsy”

Hurricane Irma: Find Fuel with GasBuddy app

Gasoline is currently very difficult to find around Tampa Bay and Florida with numerous stations on low-supply during Hurricane Irma. This also happened in Texas last week during Hurricane Harvey. Tampa lacks a robust public transportation system and fuel shortages are a serious issue here where people cannot get around at all without cars andContinue reading “Hurricane Irma: Find Fuel with GasBuddy app”

Hurricane Irma Safety Guide: Be Prepared

Hurricane Irma is racing towards Florida and you should make sure you’re ready in case the storm enter the waters of Tampa Bay. As of Tuesday, September 5th, the storm is a Category 5 Hurricane with 185 MPH winds. Here are some resources to help you prepare for the storm: National Hurricane Center Map: HurricaneContinue reading “Hurricane Irma Safety Guide: Be Prepared”