Hurricane Irma: Find Fuel with GasBuddy app

Gasoline is currently very difficult to find around Tampa Bay and Florida with numerous stations on low-supply during Hurricane Irma. This also happened in Texas last week during Hurricane Harvey.

Tampa lacks a robust public transportation system and fuel shortages are a serious issue here where people cannot get around at all without cars and depend on gas to get to work and around town. The state is attempting to address the problem with trucks plowing in gas.

The FREE app GasBuddy has a feature that will help you locate stations with available fuel. The app is available for both iPhones and Androids. Users at stations can help update the app and let people know where there is fuel and where they have ran out.

The locator is also available via regular and mobile web browsers at:

The more people who use the app, the better the system will work.

Download the app: