WeWork Food Labs debuting in 2019 for food innovators

WeWork Labs is launching WeWork Food Labs, an innovation lab that will be focused on powering future food, this year with programming starting this spring and a flagship space opening in late 2019 in New York City. WeWork Labs currently operates in 49 locations including 32 cities and 15 countries and serves over 1,000 startupsContinue reading “WeWork Food Labs debuting in 2019 for food innovators”

Should Michelin stars matter anymore?

Last week food media buzzed about Los Angeles and California finally getting a Michelin guide after Michelin infamously said in the past that LA did not have “real foodies”. LA was finally getting its due according to the chatter and proving the national food elites wrong. This week all that hype and media attention redirectedContinue reading “Should Michelin stars matter anymore?”

10 brands I recommend from Winter Fancy Food Show 2019 in SF

I attended the Winter Fancy Food Show this year in San Francisco. This food-industry trade show features 80,000+ specialty food and beverages as well as thousands of new products, industry networking events, and 1,400+ exhibitors from around the planet. I was able to try hundreds of new products coming to the food industry. These areContinue reading “10 brands I recommend from Winter Fancy Food Show 2019 in SF”