Looking for something to do? There are plenty of food events occurring around town. I will organize the ones I am posting on my blog here.

Upcoming Events:

04/26 – USF’s 1st Food Truck Pod

04/28 – Asia Fest 2012

05/4 – Burger Showdown

05/26 – Cuban Sandwich Festival

Past events:

04/21 – Taste the Best of Tampa Bay

04/20-04/21 – #TECHmunch

04/19 – Real Food Real Joel

01/21-01/22 – Chocolate Sunday

10/30- 11/1/2011 The First Korean Food Tour for Foreign Foodies

The 18th Namdo Food Festival

09/23-24/2011 Grand Hilton Seoul Oktoberfest

09/24/2011 Tampa’s First Food Truck Rally

07/28/2011 Dine Tampa Bay Launch Party

07/11/2011 #TGCPour11 The Generous Pour Wine Event

04/30/2011 Asia Fest 2011

04/08-10/2011 Phil Fest 2011

03/17/2011 TBO Tweetup @ Fly Bar

01/23/2011 Chocolate Sunday


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