Boycott: I will not eat at Shake Shack again in the future and neither should you

Update 4/20: Shake Shack says they are returning the $10 million PPP loan meant for small businesses. This is the right move and I am thankful that they have made this decision so our small businesses can have a chance at survival.

Shake Shack for a long time was a great place to enjoy a quality burger, but lately the chain with over 300 locations worldwide has run into a nasty PR crisis thanks to them taking $10 million out of the United States government’s Coronavirus (COVID-19) Payroll Protection Program relief despite being worth well over $1 billion dollars and publicly traded.

The chain sold off $75 million in shares after the taxpayer acquisition and also laid off over 1,000 of its employees before the Coronavirus has even hit its peak. Shake Shack has shown itself to be an empty-suit corporation with no values that will discard others in the industry and then soak up taxpayer cash for its own advantage.

This deplorable move comes at a time when our mom-and-pop small businesses are fighting for survival and is unacceptable, millions of small businesses were left out of relief. I will never eat at Shake Shack again. Take your $16 burger combo and die off in peace.

Shake Shack should return the $10 million they stole. I am sure there are thousands of small restaurants about to die off who would appreciate it. It didn’t have to be this way.

I hope others will join me in boycotting Shake Shack and their behavior during a time when unity is desperately needed for survival as the restaurant industry faces the worst crisis in history. We cannot have a few players swallowing all the cash that others really need during this time.

As consumers we should send a message to Shake Shack and all big chains that we will not support this disgusting greed.


13 responses to “Boycott: I will not eat at Shake Shack again in the future and neither should you”

  1. As long as we are boycotting ShakeShack for taking $10 million, here’s a shout out to the folks at RuthChris steakhouse- as they somehow managed to get $20 million. The entire Congress should immediately demand the return of this $30 million of taxpayer subsidized theft and the firing of their CEO’s at both companies.

  2. Pigs, selfish pigs, grab all they can and the hell with human beings. Run the US Government out if money as quickly as possible so the Government will be broke and not able to help the small and weak.

  3. The PPP application says no awards over $10million so how did Ruth Chris get $20million anyway. Fishy!

  4. There are special carve outs the politicians made in this bill that not only allowed shack shack to do this – but Ruth’s Chris restaurants and Four Seasons hotels (among others) have gotten MULTIPLE loans under this program and the economic disaster loan program – each location is considered a business for sizing as a “small business”


  5. Shake Shack and Ruth’s Chris are not SMALL BUSINESSES, they make millions of dollars and have funding resources we, true small businesses, do not. The PPP was not suppose to benefit multi-million dollar corporations. We need to boycott theses corporations from now on!

  6. ” LOOPHOLES, Thats how these large companies were able to take advantage of this program, and others. Republican politicians have purposely left ways available to large companies to do this. I don’t like making this political, but I’ve read the Bill/Law, and there’s no doubt the wording is designed to allow for fraud. Time and time again, Republicans have shown us what’s important to them AND IT’S NOT US, OR MY BROTHERS SMALL BUSINESS. VOTE DEMOCRAT ALL THE WAY DOWN THE BALLOT.

  7. Very sad. We all worry how small restaurants and businesses will survive, yet these vultures have already taken a piece of the pie. I think these are the concerns that Democrats had, that’s why they couldn’t agree with the Teapublicans on the way the monies are being allocated. I’m sure it has to do with these Teapublicans’ and their families/friends businesses and interests.

  8. They’re only returning the money (which is still not accessible because the program is closed) because of the backlash.

    Fuck shake shack and anyone who supports this trash corp.

  9. It’s very disappointing that government/banking institutions turn their backs on the small businesses. No room for the companies that don’t make Millions. No concern for the humble that are trying to keep roofs over their heads and support their workers. What a heartbreaking shame!

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