4 food podcasts to subscribe to today

When I first came to San Francisco, I was reading up about the new SF Chronicle Food Critic, Soleil Ho, and decided to check out a podcast she helped host in the past, Racist Sandwich.

It was probably the first time I actually took time to listen to a podcast although I certainly intended (and failed) to make time in the past for podcasts. The conversations were interesting and gave me some new perspectives I may not have shared in the past about food and racial or cultural issues.

Since then I have looked around for some food podcasts to listen to that can give me some insight into thoughts in the food industry and just some great entertainment.

Here are 4 food podcasts to subscribe to today that I recommend:

#1 Carbface for Radio Podcast – This food podcast is wild and out there just like the hosts themselves and I love every last second of it. Carbface is a podcast about chefs and food writers. The podcast was produced by Anthony Bourdain in the past, but continues on with some great interviews. Certainly NSFW – but a great listen.

Listen: https://carbfacepod.com/

#2 Meatless: A Podcast About Eating – Alicia Kennedy explores the reality of eating animal products with specials guests including chefs, writers, and more. I’m not a vegan personally, but I do want to know about their thought process and more than just that veganism is a trend for restaurants. I find her podcasts to be enlightening and I enjoy the deep dives in this podcast.

Listen: https://howwegettonext.com/meatless-a-podcast-about-eating-cfeef8967f89

#3 Sit Down, Be Hungry – One of the chefs I know in San Francisco from Trademark recommended this show to me. It’s locally based in California, but has really interesting conversations about food in general. Hosts Chavid Dang and Dinepiece talk about all things food. Listening to them argue over whether to give up Salt & Pepper Pork or Peking Duck for life and talk about Tinder for farm animals is quite enjoyable.

Listen: http://sitdownbehungry.club/

#4 La Ventanita – Down South in Miami, Food Editor Carlos Frías is doing good work covering the chefs and scene with interesting interviews in his La Ventanita podcast for Miami Herald. His podcast features interviews with national chefs such as Chef Jose Andres, Thomas Keller, Norman van Aken, Pitbull, and others.

Listen: http://bit.ly/2H8wXIs


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