5th Annual Ybor Aficionado Days Stop 2: Bernini

I have always been curious about the food at Bernini in Ybor City. The restaurant is named after Giovanni Lorenzo Bernini, of the late renaissance period (1598-1680) and founder of the Baroque art style. The exterior of the restaurant is beautiful in design and certainly makes me think Italy. During the Chevy Tapas Trail I was able to try two things from their menu. The item listed on the menu was “Sliced garlic marinated duck breast with chianti fig compote on a toasted crostini”. The duck was great, but what stole my attention was the crab and red pepper puffs with roasted corn mousseline that Bernini decided to add-on. Bernini was one of the first restaurants to open their doors and it was much appreciated as several restaurants on Chevy Tapas Trail were behind schedule and in a 3-hour trail you need all the time you can get. The attendants at the stand were helpful and explained the tapas to me. I left impressed.

The excellent cream puffs.

My plate with the duck tapa.

Bernini on Urbanspoon

Restaurant Name: Bernini

Cuisine: Italian

Neighborhood: Ybor City

Address: 1702 E 7th Ave. Tampa, FL 33605

Phone Number: (813) 248-0099

Website: http://www.berniniofybor.com/

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4 responses to “5th Annual Ybor Aficionado Days Stop 2: Bernini”

  1. Carlos, go for the early special sometime and try the full menu. Entrees and pasta dishes are half price from 4:00 to 7:00 daily and all Findlandia vodka drinks are $2. It’s the deal of the century!

  2. Crab and red pepper puffs with roasted corn mousseline? Um, that sounds amazing, if you asked me! I have got to put this one on my list of places to try…especially after Sweet Polly’s comment about the early specials!

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