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Taco Bell Offers 88 Cent Crunchwrap Supreme & Fast Food Vs. The Scapegoating Public

After being continuously attacked by a lawsuit and the media about not having “real beef” in their tacos and food, Taco Bell is hard at work to fix its reputation. It is heavily using social networks and new deals to attract customers, such as the 88-cent Crunchwrap Supreme special (ending today too-so hurry up and get some before it’s too late).

I don’t understand why people are so worked up about learning that Taco Bell doesn’t use 100% beef in their food (I wasn’t surprised). If you want 100% beef, go eat at a fancy restaurant or cook some yourself-don’t complain about a fast food joint whose goal is to provide affordable and quick food to customers. Everyone understands that fast food is junk food. You’ve been told this your whole life by your parents or family members. The public is placing too much pressure on fast food companies to be “healthy”, when the truth is the responsibility of being healthy is in the power of the customers, who are using fast food chains as a scapegoat for their lack of better judgement in healthy food. If you want to eat healthy, the obvious thing to do is buy some vegetables and make them at home. Don’t blame McDonald’s or Taco Bell for your laziness and lack of self-control.

Reading earlier this year about a woman suing McDonald’s over Happy Meals was downright disturbing. McDonald’s has been providing Happy Meals for years and I will be the first person to admit that I loved being a kid and being taken to McDonald’s by my parents and playing in the playground there. It is up to parents to limit the consumption of their children. Blaming McDonald’s is incredibly irresponsible and ruining the fun for everyone else.  This claim that McDonald’s uses “one of the most insidious marketing practices–dangling a toy in front of a small child” sounds truly preposterous. Of course McDonald’s markets to children. Newsflash: McDonald’s is a business and its primary concern is profits. It is hard for McDonald’s to make its food taste good and also provide healthy options. McDonald’s is not holding a gun to your head demanding that you drive there now. Are you going to sue Chuck E Cheese just because your kids demand Chuck E Cheese pizza (which I personally love) and want to play video games in the arcade? Why don’t you just sue every fun and unhealthy place while you are at it?

People ask too much from fast food businesses. They want them to be open 24 hours a day-7 days a week, operate drive-thrus, accept credit cards, provide ATM machines, flavorful, healthy, clean, customer-friendly, cheap, and the list goes on…but people only want to pay $1 for a burger and less than $6 for a meal. I am happy with the fast food chains they way they are today. I know that they are not healthy, but I’ll enjoy them occasionally and eat somewhere else that is healthier (maybe a home-cooked meal?) on other days because I am a smart consumer and I know I have that choice. You do too. Now be responsible for your own decisions.


6 thoughts on “Taco Bell Offers 88 Cent Crunchwrap Supreme & Fast Food Vs. The Scapegoating Public

  1. I agree. I think more people should cook at home. The food will most likely be healthier, better tasting and cheaper than eating out. I go out to eat, fast food (or casual dining) when I have a coupon ( or from the place itself) or a gift card and often both. However, you still won’t catch me eating at McDonald’s or Taco Bell very often at all. I love Pei Wei, Chipotle and Five Guys! i sign up for all the restaurant email clubs.

  2. You like Chuck’s pizza? Now that stuff is gross! As for Taco Bell- I love it. It is the best fast food there is, followed shortly by Sonics, White Castle, Wendy’s, Burger King, McDonalds, KFC in that order.
    As far as my kid’s health goes- I’m sure the soy and crap they used instead of beef is a hell of a lot healthier then the beef they had. I am glad it was fake, and now I’m afraid to try the real stuff- I’ve seen the cartons the beef comes in- everything is from Canada and Mexico- where beef standards are not up to par (seriously go to Canada and read a menu, the good restaurants proudly display U.S.D.A beef, not Canadian.)
    Sorry, food is a passion- thanks for the post.

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